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    Better fatigue life compared to wire whilst retaining similar elastic elongation properties
    Eight to ten times lighter than wire rope making it easy to handle
    Double folded jacket for each eye with a high quality finish in Dyneema® SK78
    Maximum abrasion and UV protection
    Designed for precision lifts
    No natural flattening allowing the use of smaller hardware
    Precision manufacturing methods ensure production of identical batches


    Materials: Ultra – High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (Dyneema® SK78)
    Construction: Load-bearing cores with a protective cover of composite yarn (other covers on request)
    Treatment: Marine finish
    Color of Rope: White (other colours on request)
    Approx. Spec. Density: 0,975 floating
    Melting Point: 145°C
    Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
    U.V. Resistance: Excellent - due to jacket
    Temperature Resistance: 70°C max continuous
    Chemical Resistance: Excellent
    Dry & Wet Conditions: Wet strength equals dry strength




Offshore Heavy Lift
Offshore Installation

Dries Hoefkens

Key Account Manager / Lifting & Installation Ropes

Tel: +32 52 499 371

Joe McCoy

Director of Sales, U.S.A.

Tel: +1 985 209 5014