Offshore Single Point Mooring

Bexco is one of the few type approved and certified producers of Single Point Mooring Hawsers in the World. These hawsers, which essentially connect oil and gas majors’ points of supply with transportation in the mid-stream of the supply chain process, need to meet the most rigourous standards of quality and reliability in the field.

Our SPM DF8 (Deltaflex®), BL3 (Ultraline® Polyamide) and DB12 (Double Braided Polyamide) mooring hawsers fully conform to the requirements of the OCIMF guidelines, following an exhaustive documented OCIMF prototype test programme. We use only the best quality yarns of multifilament nylon, high tenacity polyester and blended fibres to manufacture our mooring system hawsers. The hawser can either be a single rope or a grommet. In the grommet configuration two legs are laid parallel.


Our Deltaflex® yarn is a composite fibre with polyester as strength member, with excellent fatigue characteristics and abrasion resistance.
The behaviour of the rope is not influenced by water, thus wet and dry strength are identical. Because of material and its life cycle under normal use Deltaflex® is a cost-effective solution for SPM hawsers.
Also it should be noted that the initial elongation is lower than that of nylon alternatives, however it does not change significantly in use, while nylon rapidly stiffens. As a result mooring average mooring forces will be co

Spm DF8 RGS R08.009.004.08


For Single Point Mooring systems nylon is a well established material because of its excellent stretch characteristics. The rope is a circular braid design developed to give a rope extra protection against wear and tear without significantly changing the primary characteristics. It is a logical development from the double-braid, where the outer braid both protects the inner braid and contributes to the strength. In the circular braided design this duality has been abandoned. The cover is optimised for wear and abrasion resistance and the cores determine the strength of the rope. This results in both a higher strength and a better life for this rope design omparable.

RGS U3.021.004.07 Spm BL3


Ropes with a double-braid design are traditionally the preferred construction for SPM hawsers. The DB12 design gives a rope extra protection against wear and tear. This is done by braiding a cover over the inner braid.

Spm DB 12 RGS U12.022.003.03

Hardware options

BEXCO can also provide a comprehensive range of equipment for Offshore mooring systems designed to suit the specific requirements of different locations and water temperatures. We supply following items in full assemblies for first installations or separately as spare parts:
  • Mooring hawsers
  • High quality messenger lines
  • Support buoys
  • Pick-up ropes
  • Chafe chains
  • Shackles
  • Associated fittings